Character Developments

Hey there good lookin'

In TBC my guild was pretty hardcore for progression so we raided at every opportunity. Lately though I’m a 2-raid-per-week kinda guy. But not this week it seems. With our primary 10man team doing attempts at Arthas and our 25man finally being all-guild, things are escalating. Monday, usually an off day for me, turned into a 25man ICC in which we were slow to start with but managed to get to Saurfang eventually. Last night I got together a brave group of the off-raiders, alts and benchers and decided to lead for a change. Things went pretty well and we managed to down the first wing, Fester, Rot and the gauntlet in under 3 hours. Not bad for a noobish group, especially considering that I was healing…

Yeah, as stated in an earlier post, I’d been leveling a priest. He’s finally made it to 80 and is starting to gear up nicely. With my poor tank not finding space in our current groups I had to drag my very blue priest into the healing role in both 10 and 25mans. Turns out he didn’t fail too horribly and scored some gear out of the situation too. Now the problem is that the spec I had aint working too well. The only value I add is tons of renews and the occasional flash/greater saving heal. Oh and CoH’ing like mad.

Now I’ve heard about this disc healing and it doesn’t make much sense to me. Of course since all the bigger healy priests seem to rave about it, I’d better get in there and do it too. I’ve started reading up and I’m still clueless. Guess I’d better get some alcohol into my system, blindly copy some disc healer’s spec and get practising in heroic.

Speaking of which, any advice/specs/rotations etc I should try? Comments appreciated.

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4 Comments on “Character Developments”

  1. Dristan Says:

    Roll a shaman. Its the only way to heal.

  2. b0bbly Says:

    Haha yeah I actually considered a shammie but since i had a lvl70 priest already it was a bit silly to not use it.

  3. Kaylex Says:

    Are you on twitter? we could chat there.. or email at baybdoli @ yahoo

    Svengaly is my disc priest.. on Garrosh.. I’d be happy to help.

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