Step 1, collect underpants!

Ok so I haven’t been giving my guild, website, blog, twitter and many other things as much attention as I should lately. I went from being engaged to single in record time and it’s messed me up a bit. But I’m pretty much back, got some ideas for new directions and ready for action.
Problem is I’m not extremely happy with the current layout of the blog, nor the name. When I started writing, I didn’t expect more than 2 of my guildies to read any of my posts so I didn’t pay much attention to design and names. To my surprise I have quite a decent attendance and things are going better than I hoped.

Ideally I’d like to move to a dedicated domain, or at least something with more customising options. As for my name, even though the heading says “Misguided”, my blog appears on many links purely as b0bbly, which doesn’t sound very impressive as a WoW blog.

In summary –
Step 1: Get a new name.
Step 2: Get a domain to match.
Step 3: Get a decent layout/logo

So If any of you have any ideas to make this better, and something cool I can call it, gimme a shout and/or leave a comment! And if someone out there can design me a kickass logo, even better!


Ok, so now I have a logo at least ( if you can call something made in 30 seconds in MS Paint a logo) and some different background and border colours. I’ll consider Step 3 on hold for now, to be continued once steps 1 and 2 are done.

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One Comment on “Step 1, collect underpants!”

  1. Dustin Moore Says:

    I think your blog name suits us both. I haven’t been giving my blog much love either. Once a week is the longest I try to go, but sometimes you just aren’t feeling it. I’ve been giving all my time to work and WoW and my guild. I hope to be a little more diverse with my time…. but why try when you have stunlock? 😀

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