Recruitment Spam

The first thing that usually draws your attention to a guild is its recruitment blurb. Many guilds battle it out on on the realm forums, but most of it is done in the trade and recruitment channels (Yes I know recruitment through trade is frowned upon, but the simple matter is that it is done).  The problem is that most of them get spammed so much or are so dull they’re not given the time of day.

So how do you get noticed? Well, that depends on the type of guild you’re recruiting for. For a respected raiding guild, the mere mention of classes, gear and expectations is enough to get applications by the dozen. No goals or fancy words are needed because the people answering your call will already know who you are. But if you’re not recruiting for one of the elite few, your job’s a bit harder. You’re going to have to show then that your guild means business, that you’ve already put some work into it and that there’s some experience behind the members you already have. A serious tone and clear outlay of goals are the order of the day. Expect to spend a lot of time exchanging whispers about your needs, your dreams and explaining why they should join your guild instead of the one that already has Arthas on farm.

Roleplaying guilds tend to have elaborate multiparted posts about their heritage, their goals, alignment and the such, which I find to be a bit off. Why not have something short but meaningful, something that will be clearly noticed by the roleplayer without interfering with the non-RP player? A job offering perhaps, seeking assassins to take care of a certain problem for a guild factioned with Ravencrest. Or an invitation to a banquet or event for a more general RP recruitment. Once you have their attention, you can start explaining your goals in a more personalised manner.

If you are a casual guildleader that also has designs on raiding (like I find myself), a bit of comedy thrown in with the classes and goals usually works well. Showing off a friendly side other than the always unfulfilled promises of “we boost you through stuff” goes a long way. Working it in against comments made in global channels works wonders too. Take this evening for example: a few starting guilds were competing for recruitment. Out of nowhere, a settled guild piped out “We’re not recruiting because you smell bad.” My immediate response was to comment “We’re recruiting you because you smell bad.”, followed by our standard recruitment blurb. Immediately the whispers for more info came in. Another guild was advertising something to the likes of “We have 5 bankslots filled with epics, you can’t have any. We raid 0 times a week from 19:00 to 24:00.  Pay us 1000g to fill out an application.” It might not sound impressive, but it gets people talking, and you want people to talk about your guild.

Leveling guilds don’t really need much in recruitment. People pick leveling guilds purely for the chatter and then leave once they have progressed beyond the limits of the guild. If you are seeking a guild like this, ignore the promises of boosts and the like because they will most likely not be honoured. For every two members capable of boosting, there are twenty wanting to be boosted. Rather pick one that suits your level of maturity and that has the guildchat that you seek. Don’t be afraid to jump around for a while while leveling.

The same goes for finding a family/ultracasual guild, one that has no aspirations for raiding, for organised PVP or the like but are just there to have fun. Recruitspams would generally be formed in the same was as the casual raiding guild, excluding the classes required and including the type of personalities required.

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