Change is not always good

My last post was about the cycle of guild, and how it takes a lot to go from establishing a guild to getting it going as a strong raiding team. My guild has done that many times over the last 4 years. As content gets exhausted, quite a few of the core players of a server tend to get bored and leave. Others use this opportunity to recruit those that are left behind and go for one more push at clearing new raids.
With Vanilla, this counted strongly in our favour: we built a huge following of experienced raiders and when The Burning Crusade struck some of our members were in the first kills in Karazhan. We lost a few members to slow leveling, leaving the top players frustrated, but soon enough we had a good 25man team (two at one point) doing Gruul, Magtheridon and Serpentshrine Cavern (One raid would be one of the best I’ve ever attended, with 4 new bosses dying in one night and us getting a first-pull kill on one). We did well in Mount Hyjal and got a kill on our first ever attempt to the Black Temple.
Then came another decline as people left for the annual summer migration. Come the day of the Burning Crusade release, a few of our more hard-core players were already waiting on the zeppelin towers. Within 5 days we had our first 80’s and within 10 we were taking a group into Naxxramas.
Obviously this got us noticed, and other level 80’s, tired of waiting for their guild to catch up to them, flocked to our gates. We built an elite team of raiders, getting a few first kills and finally getting the third Horde kill of Kel’Thuzad on our server.
Then disaster struck. For personal reasons just before the release of Ulduar, I had to take a 3 month sabbatical. I came back to find my once-proud guild in tatters. I saw one guildmate online in two days of playing. But slowly the whispers came in “Are you back? Are you reforming?”.
We got most of our core back, and with them friends and ex-guildies. We started raiding, badly at first but building up speed. We stuck to 10mans, not wanting the monster we had before. Then the fated migration started again. Guilds were disbanding or setting up camp for the summer. Applications started rolling in. We had a record of 17 apps in one day (Groups and singles).
Now here we are again. The monster is back and it’s woken up as grumpy as a lion with a festering tooth. It wants blood and it wants it now. The only problem is that this quiet village I call my guild is ill-prepared for it and I fear it may be overrun. Suddenly another sabbatical seems in order, to just let the wave pass and the dust settle…
But I can’t do that again. I can’t rebuild again, it would kill me. So here I am, stuck between cutting my illusions of grandeur and slaying the beast, making it a little friendly 10man guild again; Or letting it free letting it run and hanging on to the reins for dear life and see where it takes me once again.

Well, I best put on my best riding shoes.

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3 Comments on “Change is not always good”

  1. dvotee Says:

    I feel that I could have written this post as I have just gone through the exact same thing.

    About 3 years ago I started my own guild and cutting a long story short before I knew it we have over 300 members, of all levels and it was just so time consuming. I spent most of my game time sorting out issues and I disbanded it for the sake of my sanity.

    But I like having my own guild so I started another one with a few mates from the previous one with the aim of keeping it small. This was ok, I went on holiday for 2 weeks and when I got back we had over 200 members. This led to various arguments down vent and even some of my closest friends in wow pitched against me saying it needed to grow. I just passed GM over to my mate, quit the guild and walked away, I didn’t want the grief of a big guild and the aggro that came with it. 2 weeks later it disbanded.

    I started a new guild with just me and my alts. I started a mage (now my main) and was having a great time and then a couple of the old boys asked me to start again and this time it would be small. I said no, I can do with out it I’m happy as I am but eventually I said ok I’ll put my mage in but I dont want any grief but it was to be lvl 80 only. I join and am instantly promoted to GM. Within 2 says people find out and they all want back and yes within 5 days of the guild starting we are 90 members.

    I stayed there for 7 months but people started getting frustrated with various things, they wanted more members, the rows started, people moaned we didn’t raid yet when I did invites no one replied and didnt turn up, those who did reply never turned up coz they had a date blah blah and would then moan we didnt raid (a viscious circle) and I’d had enough so I quit wow.

    I’ve just rejoined and already I’m getting whispers about guilds but I’m sticking firm to staying on my own, getting back into the game so for me its pvp and have fun in the battlegrounds.

    I don’t envy you and your position and wish all the luck in the world.

    • b0bbly Says:

      Thanks for the support mate and welcome to my blog. After the post we had a good talk and it seems to have settled down a bit. I’ll push on and see what results it may bring.

  2. dvotee Says:

    You are very welcome. Glad to see things are settling down as things can get built up and then that leads to frustration as GM.

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