The Vicious Cycle

If you’re an aspiring guildmaster then you’ve surely been in this situation before. You want to raid, be it hardcore or casual. But to raid, you need more numbers that are raid-ready. You try to recruit but the first question you invariably run in to is “What progress have you made?” Now of course, as a startup or reforming guild, you can’t get those kills because you don’t have the numbers, so the prospective applicant goes elsewhere. You can’t raid because you need members, and you can’t get members because you don’t raid.
My guild went through this not too long ago. We had the members, just not all of them online at the same time. We didn’t make much progress, missed a lot of raid dates and generally failed. Recruitment was slow, with the occasional blue DK or hunter but nothing else biting. Then for a few weeks running we got some kills in. Things went so well that people who didn’t log in before were logging in. We were oversigned so decided to make an extra group with some pugs. The pugs joined the guild and news spread.
In the last week, we’ve had 15 applications, more than in the last 6 months put together. Suddenly we’ve gone from barely a 10man to three dedicated 10mans and a 25man group running.
Our cycle has been broken, which only leaves a few hundred more problems to contend with. Leading a guild, even a semi-casual one, is not an easy task and one should be thankful for great officers.
Have any of you been stuck in the recruitment cycle? Leave a comment and let me know what happened.

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