Taking one for the team.

Last night worked out perfectly.
I really wasn’t feeling up to raiding. My stomach was cramping, I was exhausted and was just feeling generally down. Stacked on that, the healers were being their usual selves and showing up late. Thankfully we had just recruited a new warrior tank and our main paladin tank (who didn’t sign for the raid) showed up. He took charge of the raid, got everyone sorted out and running, and gave me the opportunity to add another 65% to my priest’s second-last level.
To make matters even better, Festergut died with very little effort and then they proceeded to get our first kill on Rotface. Considering Festergut has only been downed by us twice, and that with our most experienced group, this was a great night.
They then wiped a few times on Putricide before I logged off teamspeak and went to sleep, but it seems like some days you just have to take a step back and let things handle themselves.

Yeah I know, rubbish and short post for today, but I’m still feeling a bit worse for wear. Just one and a half weeks till I go on leave and I can get back into the swing of things.


Oh wow, on my worst blog day I’ve received the best response ever. 500% more visitors than on any day in my blogging history! Thanks readers, I’ll try to keep low writing standards as this seems to have the best effect :p

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One Comment on “Taking one for the team.”

  1. Dristan Says:

    This healer was there on time! I just hope we would have the healers to fill da raid when im feeling tired or just lazy. Wait! That would be every raid..

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