Balancing act of boredom in WoW

So as we speak I’m leveling a priest. Well, Cailae and I are leveling a priest together. She loves the dark ways of the Shadow and I need a healer on my account. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.

My priest did a brief stint in Burning Crusade, mostly as a dps but occasionally as a healer. He has… had pretty sweet gear, with some parts from Hyjal, SSC, etc so leveling is going pretty smooth. I was all excited about soon having a healer again, laying down my sword and shield, giving up my tanking ways and helping the guild in a new direction.

Until last night.

Last night we had a weekend raid, something we don’t generally have. Numbers were tight and we just managed to fill the necessary spots. We decided to warm up with a ToC run and I went as my tank. As the only warrior tank in the guild, I’m perfectly suited for Instructor Razuvius’ dispells and interrupts, and I love that fight as a tank.

After ToC we went to Icecrown, losing a healer in the process. I stepped in as healer on Cailae’s account and another tank stepped in. After the fun ToC run on my tank, I was bored out of my mind. The two tanks were well-geared and the main healer was awesome. All that was left for me on trash was topping up. I ended up doing more damage than anything else just to keep myself awake.

In Marrowgar himself I suffered from not being able to stand still long enough to cast a heal; Cold Flames seem to love me. I ended up dying twice (Nice rezzing druids!) but even the constant need to negotiate the  dangerous floor did nothing for my boredom.

Looking back at some of the vanilla fights, the reverse was true. Tanking was a case of applying your 5 sunders and keeping them there. Now they are making tanking more fun, more interactive.. but what about the poor healers? Avoiding stuff on the ground while trying to throw off 2-3 second casts is not quite the same as having to Shield Slam off dispells, Shield Bash interrupt casts and generally try to micromanage your own health while said healers are running away.

So I guess this post is a big “Thank you” to the healers out there that still do it, and probably the reason they’re so scarce in the first place. Soon I’ll be joining you guys… If I find a tank that will stay constant in my place.

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5 Comments on “Balancing act of boredom in WoW”

  1. I have a level 53 Priest kicking around from ages ago. I remember it being really frustrating tying to level him up through the early levels as Priests are very underpowered until they get Shadowform. PvP was a lot of fun though and I dual specced when they released the patch and played Disc in the BGs.

    Unfortunately I discovered that I hated healing in groups so I haven’t played him much since…

    • b0bbly Says:

      Wow, thanks for the postback mate.
      Shadowpriests are awesome. I do love them but I know I’ll only raid in holy/disc, and that puts me off a bit.
      When DK’s were first rumored there was a story about a healing DK spec that would heal the party as you melee. What a disappointment when beta came out and all they could do was heal themselves marginally. I think something like that would have made healing a bit more dynamic and fun.
      Here’s hoping Blizzard gets it right in Cataclysm… though I doubt it as they are already planning on breaking tanks and hunters.

  2. Dustin Moore Says:

    Since I’m your blog nemesis I have to write something unnaturally hateful (just to fill my role). You are just bored because you suck at WoW and games in general. OMG you noob stop trying to be a healer and go play Free Realms.

    On the serious side. I still have months of WoW before I’m bored, unfortunate for my blog because I like to write about different games. I love PvP and I’m on a PvP server. Finally found a decent guild, ironically it was a random invite.

    • b0bbly Says:

      No you! What server? I wanna come pwn you in your sleep 😉

      My point is that different classes play different styles, and some are just not as entertaining as others, which is wrong and needs to be fixed in some way. Grats on getting a guild, I had to start my own to get something decent that suited me.

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