Greetings and salutations, fellow earthlings.

This here would be my first blog post. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had the time. The silly season seems to have given me a bit of a breather though.

First off, I’ll be testing WordPress and Blogger for ease of use and features. Today’s blog was written on the WordPress API and cut-pasted to Blogger. Next one I’ll do the other way around. I suppose a better way would be to write it on a proper word editor and paste it from there… Guess I’ll learn as I go along.

Anyway, My first post is going to be about nostalgia. More specifically nostalgia in World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for more than 4 years as my tank, Pindleskin,  and it’s amazing how much both the game and my playing style has changed. In the beginning I was an avid player, putting in 3-5 hours a night every night, with more than double that on the weekends. The problem was that I was a horribly slow leveler. I joined my server a few weeks after opening, when the population could be counted in the mere hundreds, and Orgrimmar looked like Shattrath does today. The first guild I joined (in the Barrens of course) was made up of players like me, people that had just started WoW, but unlike me had had little or no background experience in RPG’s or MMO’s. I quickly left them and decided to try it out on my own. On my way to RFK a few weeks later however, a rogue approached me with an ambitious offer. He said they were going to be the biggest thing on the server and they were recruiting experienced RPG’ers. I joined up and became part of “Legio XII”.

When I hit my 40’s (level, not age), Legio started raiding Molten Core. When I hit my 50’s, they were doing Blackwing Lair. 58 and they were doing Ahn’Quiraj and Naxxramas.  A few days later the guild had a outfall and I, along with about half of the guild left.

Hmm, I’m slightly off topic here, let’s get back on track. I’ll continue with my WoW history at a later stage.

The point I’m trying to make is that during the time that my guild was actively raiding the major content, getting the first kills, etc, I was leveling and doing dungeons. I did do quite a bit of Vanilla endgame before The Burning Crusade launched, but more of that in a future post. My “endgame” for quite a long time was the D0 dungeons: Stratholme, Scholomance, LBRS, UBRS, etc. Our merry group of 5 ran those places to death in search of the elusive blue dungeon set pieces, then did the looong quest chains to upgrade those to shinier blue, and eventually (barely) epic pieces. We had fun, we failed, we succeeded, we laughed, we cried.

When we eventually did start raiding, I had a total of two epics. D1 hands and Skullflame Shield, which I bought on the day of the raid, in front of Zul-Gurub’s entrance from a hunter named Milge for 300g, which was a bloody fortune at the time. The bosses back then didn’t even drop epics half of the time. In a week of raiding about 4 epic pieces would drop, which had to be split between the 30 raiders (25 with 5 rotating). Progress was slow, gearing up was slow, but it was worth it.

Skip forward 3-4 years. A warrior friend of mine dinged 80 the day of a big raid. We were short a tank. We needed a plan. So within 2 hours we crafted, socketed, enchanted and got him to a decent iLVL average to be able to offtank Ulduar. Another guildie hit 80 with his DK alt and the next day was averaging 3k DPS.

The point I’m making, as probably a thousand other bloggers and forum-whiners have made, is that the old days of having to really WORK for that raid spot, having to run dungeons over and over again to get that last set item to improve your raid DPS by 2% is over. Now we get 10 epics in an evening of mild raiding, most of which gets disenchanted because we’ve got emblem gear. Yes we still have to do raids over and over again to get that last wand, or gear up a healer or something like that, but a fresh 80 can go do a bunch of heroics and buy himself a full set of gear which matches the hardcore raider’s gear. Gone are the days where a tank in full Tier1/2 gets admired and inspected by hundreds in Orgrimmar. The last time I felt truly proud of a piece of gear was my Last Laugh from Naxx25  and the only reasons I did feel proud was the fact that it was the second on our server, does look damn good, and actually got noticed in the hubbub that is Dalaran.
I could go on forever but I really have to do some actual work too. My next post will be slightly more light-hearted, where I’ll write about my experiences in running a successful casual guild, and the benefits that go with it.

Well there ya have it. Feel free to leave a comment or join me on Twitter @b0bbly

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One Comment on “First!”

  1. Feanor Says:

    Nice post 🙂 Brings back a lot of memories. Can still remember you playing Guild wars on your dial up at home. Then moving to WOW. Still deciding what server to play on … he he

    Leveling was a challenge, so was getting 500g to buy an epic mount. The days of ignoring clients whilst farming at work are long gone. The heated arguments on who gets a spot in the raid.

    I miss the days of hardcore 🙂

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